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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:29 pm Reply with quote
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The progress looks great. Ever thought of trying tubulars with that frame?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:13 pm Reply with quote
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I like sew-ups, I really enjoy the ride (most of the time --- see below ) but the convenience of clinchers when it comes to repairs of flat tire cannot be denied. The Tufo Extreme sealant that Chas brought to my attention years ago has saved me many times now with my sew-ups.

I will admit my low budget approach to purchase of Vittoria Rally tubulars, which often have somewhat of a "Bump" associated with the valve stem location (some mount better than others) but still somewhat of an annoyance while riding. I don't seriously race since my collarbone fracture in 2005 so I just have not invested the $$$ for better quality sew-ups which likely have better quality control and less of this mounting discrepancy.

BUT, in my stable some of the bikes have both wheel options:

The '70 TdeF is equipped with Mavic Championt du Monde rims and Vittoria Rally tubulars.

My first Gitane, the white '71 Interclub has clinchers (but I have the original Mavic tubular wheelset)

The '72 green Interclub (my oldest son's ride) is set up with clinchers on Mavic MA-40 rims for his convenience (and again I have the original Mavic rims mounted with Vittoria Rally tubulars.)

The '72 white Interclub ( my youngest son's ride ) is set up with clinchers--Actually he is more likely to ride his Trek Madonne
Cool but he will ride the steel frame with me occasionally. Very Happy

The '72 white TdeF (my middle son's ride) is set up with clincher wheelset for his convenience

The '72 red TdeF (that I set up for my youngest son's wife) has a set of Mavic Open Pro rims with clinchers again for convenience

The '72 -possibly '73 SuperCorsa was set up with 27" clinchers on Wienmann rims---I have it on a set of Mavic GP-4 tubular rims with Vittoria Rally tubulars now.

The '86 Performance is a project it is on Mavic clinchers at this time--but it will share the Mavic GP-4 tubular wheelset that I use on the '87 Victoire.

The '87 Victoire, my everyday ride is on Mavic MA-40 clinchers, but for more serious riding and better rolling I have a set of Mavic Open Pro clinchers. But as noted above I also have this bike set up with Mavic GP-4 rims and Rally Tubulars.

The new Super-Corsa frame in this project could possibly use the Campy Hubs--27" wheels that were on the Red '72 -'73 Super-Corsa. BUT keeping with the spirit of the complete overhaul of this frameset. These NOS Mavic MA-40 rims and large Campy hubs were a project of building my first set of wheels. I'm leaning towards setting these rims with 35-to possibly 38 mm 700 C touring tires for use with this project.

As I said, I like-love sew-ups, lots of experience with them over the last 45+ years---
They're just a pain in the butt to remove, clean, & remount if they incur a puncture. However, the last set I utilized the Tufo Tubular Rim tape ---and it made the process a lot easier. So far that set of sew-ups on the Green Interclub has worked well. Note: Just don't inflate your sew-up too much when first placing onto the Tufo Tape (inflation helps to seat the tire---but sew-up tend to "roll" or try to roll inside out) which resulted in a mismount of the tire tread centerline due to my error of over-inflating the first time I used the Tufo tape. (I didn't see the effect until the next morning)

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Chrome repair on the Super Corsa 
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:01 am Reply with quote
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Well, it has been a while since posting about this project. Seems that access to Decorative chrome repair is a challenge here in central - Kansas. My frame repair was completed mid July (3 mos waiting list ) but I am pleased with the work on the forks and rear stays / drop outs. I would not have touched the Patina on this frame had it not previously been repainted, and the front fork chrome was mechanically "roughened up" to help with paint adhesion. So with that previous history I felt I could take some "Artistic License" in this project.

and after removal of paint from front fork it seemed appropriate to try to repair the front and also the rear chrome surfaces before repaint:

After some additional clean up late last month of surface rust development on main tubes (I had stripped the frame and as noted it sat in the shop for an extended period) Plating solution residue (see effect internal threads on bottom bracket) had also discolored the main tubes in some areas:

I possibly have to complete some additional ?? filing--smoothing, polishing around the rear brake bridge, ( seemingly some kind of plating splatter--that I believe will not be concealed w primer and paint alone ) BUT I want to have the painter look at my concern.

Looking forward to completion of paint and the return of the " chrome socks " to the front forks.

I Like Steel !!!!
Salina, KS
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Just an update--access to images from earlier posts 
PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 7:28 pm Reply with quote
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Still doing some final work cleaning up the frame and rust accumulation-formation while it was at the plating firm April-July. Not to far to go with a little more detail cleaning up around the lugwork. So off to paint soon.

Anyhow. This post started back in Sept 2017, and a lot of the images (thumbnails if you would) vanishied from the text much earlier in 2018 --possibly late 2017.

It would appear that images I've included since April of this year are still in the body of the text. They may vanish in the future also.

BUT today I've tried to enter all of the images into my PostImage file so although the thumbnails are not in the text---to click on the links the appropriate image can be seen.

I don't know if this will be a future issue ---but I plan to enter all future images to the site in the "Frankenbike file" so hopefully they will always be accessible.

I don't know if this was a problem with the PostImage site earlier this year--late last year.

I Like Steel !!!



Salina, KS.
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