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The One 
PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:05 pm Reply with quote
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The Tour de France is a bit messed up and needs a good house cleaning just like the French soccer team. Greed, personal interests, big business with friends and government (using our money) makes people act strangely and and wait to explain the stupid things they did several years later in their first book.

I put up a nice little display at work today centering around my old Gitane TDF and all sorts of Tour stuff like photos, Gitane catalogues and famous dead French bike parts. We are a very high tech group with lots of young "connected" people, but, only the "older" guys were interested in the bike stuff--their coming up with stories of how they use to as kids get their bikes all decorated up for riding their own little races and winning like their heros. And they said that my bike was really light!

Lots of the younger guys said that my bike was really heavy and the frame was good for recycling as a fixie.

Everyone else didn't care too much and forgot that the Tour was on.
But they do like cool bikes with motors in them and think its just the way it is and should be. Progress is good!!

As usual, its how you put the technology to work that gives it value or makes it dangerous.

What I would do to the Tour de France is:

1. Get rid of big money sponsors (especially insurance companies)
2. Fire every rider today and start fresh.
3. Pay the riders the same salaries as us poor spectators.
4. Stress high tech in all bike equipment (check for cool motors)
5. Eliminate any communication among team members
6. Get rid of helmets so that you can actually you can see who is riding what. Insurance companies love helmets but do soccer players need them when they kick each other in the face?
6. Finish the race on the Champs-ElysÚs with action and not just champagne.
7. Take OFF time for active riders that break away to fight for a win and ADD time to riders that make at least one week of the tour boring by just cruising along.
8. Put a Guillotine at the end of each stage to remind riders that dopage is dangerous.

Still, the tour is very nicely televised here in France and mixed with little historical bits of information and even has little slip ups like the star announcer forgetting the mike was on and saying that All of the spectators
in Belgium are "sons of whores" (this is true, he apogized at the end of the emission)

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